Course Outline

 Lecture 1: Introduction to Software Engineering

Lecture 2: What is the best way to master Software Engineering?

Lecture 3: Software Engineering Development Environments

Lecture 4: The Software Development Process

Lecture 5: Software Architecture

Lecture 6: Software Design Practices and Heuristics

Lecture 7: Software Engineering Methodologies

Lecture 8: Design of Functions, Routines and Modules

Lecture 9: Software Constructs: their power and danger

How dangerous can a variable be?

 What are the Data Type pitfalls?

 When is conditionality complete and correct?

  Does your loop stop? Does it even start? What are you looping?

  Is that a Table? And what’s there to look up

  Is recursion a whirl wind?

  I thought a graph was there to help visualize. Can you visualize a graph algorithm?

Lecture 10: Software Quality

Lecture 11: Collaborative Construction: Do our programs talk?

Lecture 12: Software Testing

                    Developer Testing: It’s all the computer’s fault.

                    User Testing: It’s the user’s fault

                    Usability Testing: I wrote it, how come you cannot use it.

                    Functionality Testing: You mean I spent all this time for nothing.

                    Blackbox Testing: It’s really black, what is happening?

                    Whitebox Testing: How am I supposed to know that you might type a zero?

                     Loop Testing: Its past bedtime and this thing keeps going!

                     Condtionality Testing: I planned for a YES, you mean I have to plan for a NO too?

                    Stress Testing: I did not know that so many people would use the system at once.

Lecture 13: Re-factoring: These pants are too long!

Lecture 14: Program Size and Software Construction Management: It’s bigger than I thought.

Lecture 15: Systems Integration: When I combined the modules, the system disintegrated.

Lecture 16: Software Construction Tools: Where were these tools when I started the project?

Lecture 17: Human Factors: Shouldn’t this be the first consideration?

Lecture 18: Alpha, Beta and Production Testing: It’s not a Fraternity.

Lecture 19: Software Copyrights and Patents.

Lecture 20: Software Security: Should this be an afterthought?

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Visual Studio Code

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